🐶 Dogs are your extended family and are treated as family in our TLC Pet Boarding in Davie.

As pet owners, we completely understand the importance of ensuring your pet is cared for in a safe, secure dog boarding facility when you’re away and offer the best in hospitality for every extended pet stay.

TLC Pet Boarding offers a warm, loving environment so that you have peace of mind no matter where you go. 🐶

🐱 Cat boarding at TLC Pet Boarding! We, too, are pet owners and understand your concerns about how important it is to have your cat well taken care of – in professional and loving hands.

From the moment your furry friend enters our doors, we do everything we can to ensure your cat feels like another member of the family.

Whether you’re going on vacation, on a weekend getaway, or a business trip, rest easy knowing your cats are being taken care of in a safe and loving environment. 🐱

🐤 Bird will be kept in a large cage inside our home. He or she will have lots of attention and affection from our family and staff members. Client provides with dry food and/or veggies, bedding and toys. 🐤
🐰 Bunny will be kept in a X-Large cage inside our home. He or she will have lots of attention and affection from our family and staff members. Client provides with dry food and/or veggies, hay, bedding and litter. 🐰

🐶 As the best and most affordable dog day care in West Broward County, we make it possible for your beloved four-legged companion to enjoy the company of others in a home setting while you endeavor at work with peace of mind.

TLC Pet Boarding in Davie is not a kennel facility. As pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is to feel confident about who will care for your best friend. When staying with us, your dog joins our extended family. 🐶

🐾 Dog Grooming Full Spa – Bath with your choice of a Premium Shampoo, detailed brushing, ear cleaning, nails, full groom of rump & tummy, paws/pads, around eyes, overall coat shaping, and a bandana. 

🐾 Dog Grooming Basic Spa – Bath with Soothing & Deodorizing Oatmeal Shampoo, brush, ear cleaning, nails, trim up rump & tummy, trim paws/pads, trim around eyes.

🐾 Dog Grooming Mini Spa – Bath with Soothing & Deodorizing Oatmeal Shampoo and brushing.

🐈 Cats are not kept in cages while waiting to be groomed. They are kept in open areas with separators. Prices vary according to breed, size, & coat condition.

Additional charges for de-matting may apply. 

Basic grooming includes a double shampoo bath, blow dry and brushing and nail trimming.

Premium grooming includes double shampoo bath, blow dry, brushing, nail trimming, and shaving.

Flea Free Policy: Any pet that comes in with fleas is immediately put into the tub for a flea bath; this will incur a $15 flea bath charge. Your groomer will do an inspection when you drop off your pet. 🐈

🐩 Our classes are fun, effective and focused on helping both handler and pet. We have a no fear, no pain policy using fun and effective tactics to train dogs.

Our paw trainers will: Provide a personal feeding schedule to encourage housebreaking

Correcting Problems such as:

1.   Play biting, 2.   Jumping,  3. Digging

Basic obedience commands includes:

1.  Come      2. Sit,    3. Stay        4. Down

5.  No jump 5. Off.    6. Leave it 7. No bite

8. Walking on a leash & heel 🐩

🚕 You love your pets, and your pets need attention, but you are busy most of the time. Having a good pet boarding facility available for your pets is a great alternative to having your pets stay at home by themselves. But then you are faced with another problem; you do not have the time to take your pet to the pet boarding facility. That is when the pet taxi service at TLC Pet Boarding comes in handy.